Grand start

Grand start

Hi! We’re Business & Development and this is our story!

📝 Background

This year in the beginning of spring the world had an extreme situation due to coronavirus (COVID-19). As it was suggested by our government, we tried avoiding public places (shops, public transport, etc.) and we thought online services would be a big help with that.

👆 However…

You can’t imagine how surprised we were when we found out that most shops, cafes, restaurants, services don’t have any kind of online presence.

📜 Examples

There was no way to order a present for a loved one. People couldn’t even get their every-day necessities. Well, you’ve been through that yourself, haven’t you?

✅ More on that…

Recently one of us needed to call a tow truck. It turned out to be an annoying thing to do only because of the awful quality of websites! Absence of any nice or even working apps whatsoever only made the situation worse.

🚪 How we found a way out

We didn’t. We decided to try our luck, on instagram. No road transport service has an actual working instagram page with decent reviews. No one has both.

⚠️ Untapped opportunities

There’re way too many businesses suffering without clients only because they don’t have a nice social media account, a convenient app or a working service bot.

👩‍💻 So what did we do?

These exact thoughts pushed us to create our ambitious team and get the ball rolling! Our project is made as an extra help for businesses to get more clients via developing online services that would suit every clients’ need.