Programming languages classification

Programming languages classification

🌐 We’ve already figured out what programming languages are the most popular so now let’s figure out the difference between them.

🌀 We’ll classify languages into low, middle, and high levels

🔅 Low level

+ You have full control over every thing that you’re using
+ Control over memory
+ Makes you think of data structure in advance

- Controlling memory is not as easy as it sounds
- Very easy to fall behind
- Difficult at the beginning

e.g. С++, assembler

🔰 Middle level

+ Memory control is not obligatory but possible
+ Exhaustive standard libraries

- You have to understand the way memory works

e.g. Java, C#

🔱 High level

+ Abstractions are making everything easier
+ Whatever you want to do, there most possibly is an algorithm for that in standard libraries already

- A lot of hidden details (there could be complications)
- Searching for errors is much harder without a compiler

e.g. Python, Ruby, JS